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  Adam-Curran 32 2000-04-05 10:57:28-04
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Thumbnail bella.jpg March 6, 2002
800x600 (158091)
Bella walking down a stone mosaic wall in the dark. Thanks to a little magic, she can shed some light on the situation. Personally, the current background was not what I was going to go with. Due to a little accident, I'm stuck with it. Oh well, I've gotten good praise for it anyways.
Thumbnail cappy4.jpg August 12, 2001
596x549 (151178)
Cappy is sitting down at a cafe waiting for someone to arrive. Also has a view of a nearby ocean. Well at least I'm getting a bit better at making backgrounds. I get so many furs telling me how cute she is, I may never be able to stop drawing her now.
Thumbnail GypsMink.jpg May 4, 2001
785x860 (108908)
My mysterious gypsy mink. Believe it or not, this was inspired while walking thorough the mall and hearing Enrique Iglesias playing down the halls. I do NOT like his music that much at all, but when hearing the song (Rythym Divine) all I could picture was her dancing along.
Thumbnail maybe2.jpg May 4, 2001
558x733 (71920)
It's an old friend, Maybe Fennec, done once again. At least this time, the colour does it some justice. I redid it because one morning, I was really bored so I did it for some quick practice. Came out really well.
Thumbnail lilspark2.jpg May 4, 2001
804x600 (113242)
Sparferru as a little boy with Lum by the ocean's edge. Personally, I don't think of it as a good colouring, especially the background.
Thumbnail spktsu3.jpg May 1, 2001
800x600 (110608)
Finally, now THIS is how I've always wanted this pic to turn out. Sparferru firing off a TSU blast (yes I've played a LOT of the Phantasy Star serires). Yes, there are some hokey Adobe filters used for the lens flare, but I think it would stink without them. If you'd like to drop a line to tell me what you think, just head on over to
Thumbnail cappy3.jpg May 1, 2001
479x728 (85761)
My first colour image with the glorious Adobe Photoshop. Cappy Leduc strolling along from classes. I wonder what she's looking at. This was inspired after listening to "It Will Be A Good Day" by Yes. The pic even reminds some of Degrassi, I don't blame them.
Thumbnail capalwt2.gif March 23, 2000
800x602 (126979)
It's been a while since my last upload, but now I'm back and a little better than before. So to start things off, I think a colourization of an old pic would be good to start off with.
Thumbnail auraval.jpg March 31, 1999
1201x1621 (207524)
It's more of my friends Aura and Valenice. Characters are copyright by their respected players.
Thumbnail maybe.jpg March 31, 1999
1201x1583 (200312)
It's Maybe Fennec, a delightful litte fur I know. character copyright Sarah Pupack.
Thumbnail lilspark.jpg March 31, 1999
1609x1201 (205564)
It's little Sparky and Lum. Oh and of coures Gemon the plushie, I guess even furs have them too.
Thumbnail spktsu.jpg December 15, 1998
634x606 (212601)
No Desc
Thumbnail capnude.jpg December 7, 1998
562x760 (202161)
No Desc
Thumbnail capffvii.jpg December 7, 1998
812x590 (361294)
No Desc
Thumbnail kayla.jpg December 4, 1998
441x598 (99760)
No Desc
Thumbnail domkixle.jpg November 30, 1998
532x755 (150057)
Here's something for all you Doom fans out there, featuring the crazy, wild, and beautiful(?), Kilxe. (Oh noooo...)
Thumbnail sprkwalk.jpg November 30, 1998
621x817 (235510)
Sparky walking down a street with Lum on his shoulder. mail, webpage, http//
Thumbnail spncpwed.jpg November 13, 1998
811x614 (232986)
The wedding photo of Sparky and Cappy.
Thumbnail cappy2.jpg November 13, 1998
597x786 (198012)
The same Cappy pose but this time I did it in *gasp* colour, my first colour drawing that ever looked good.
Thumbnail capkis.jpg November 13, 1998
604x738 (137984)
Cappy in the arms of her love Sparky.

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