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  A-J-Pearson 45 1998-08-07 09:42:35-04
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Thumbnail gabriel15.jpg August 7, 1998
787x610 (128032)
Gabriel(15/16) O.O ... *shakes head* O.O **"AR! You Tricked Me?!"*** How much more cheezy can you get in dialogue!
Thumbnail gabriel14.jpg August 7, 1998
609x787 (89685)
Gabriel(14/16) Caging Gabriel's contiually growing power and size become problematic.
Thumbnail gabriel13.jpg August 7, 1998
788x581 (92980)
Gabriel(13/16) The loyal aide to All Things Holy betrays the god-king and his growing size and power. Gabriel's draconic body reflects his new greedy nature.
Thumbnail gabriel12.jpg August 7, 1998
610x800 (92950)
Gabriel(12/16) The King dies, Gabriel takes the throne as god-king, a loyal aide to All Things Holy purchased by him gives him guidance
Thumbnail gabriel11.jpg August 7, 1998
303x699 (35304)
Gabriel(11/16) Lizard blood begins to flow through Gabriel's veins. Cold, heartless, ruthless, instinctual.
Thumbnail gabriel10.jpg August 6, 1998
343x545 (22632)
Gabriel (10/16) Gabriel's obsession with magic alters his body as more and more power suffuses the very fibre of his being.
Thumbnail gabriel09.jpg August 6, 1998
253x484 (26429)
Gabriel (9/16) Beginning the path of his destiny - mastering the evil magics of the book. (Not very furry - it gets better in later pics tho!)
Thumbnail gabriel08.jpg August 6, 1998
272x330 (20085)
Gabriel (8/16) Searching even harder for his roots, finding them - an evil magic secret.
Thumbnail gabriel07.jpg August 6, 1998
587x333 (34139)
Gabriel (7/16) Mastering Druid political duels (helps when you're a regenerating werewolf), becoming bored with being head druid, deciding to retire.
Thumbnail gabriel06.jpg August 6, 1998
603x757 (47170)
Gabriel (6/16) After becoming a druid, first intimacies of other natural forms.
Thumbnail gabriel05.jpg August 5, 1998
610x473 (69253)
Gabriel (5/16) Discovering Druids - the shapeshifters of the forest
Thumbnail gabriel04.jpg August 5, 1998
315x268 (15035)
Gabriel (4/16) Searching for his roots in the forest as a wolf
Thumbnail gabriel03.jpg August 5, 1998
308x226 (14035)
Gabriel (3/16) After mastering many magics, Gabriel uses his first shapeshifting magics.
Thumbnail gabriel02.jpg August 5, 1998
461x392 (42200)
Gabriel (2/16) Gabriel Kendrick discovers magic - the hard way.
Thumbnail gabriel01.jpg August 5, 1998
608x412 (59777)
Gabriel (1/16) Gabriel Kendrick, on puberty, finds he's a werewolf. Single page transformation.
Thumbnail greekel19.jpg August 4, 1998
597x803 (74309)
Greekel(19/19) ((Mom! Dad! It's me!)) "Raah, Mrooh! Ee ree!" ((I.. I... I... I can't speak!!!)) Family flees in terror of a despairing, roaring dragon.
Thumbnail greekel18.jpg August 4, 1998
803x796 (77108)
Greekel(18/19) Undaunted and still with her own mind, she convinces herself that her family will understand. At the very least, her family will understand that they need new shocks in their car.
Thumbnail greekel17.jpg August 4, 1998
747x600 (63345)
Greekel(17/19) The girl in her new dragon body, in a bit of denial, a lot of panic, and a bucketfull of despair.
Thumbnail greekel16.jpg August 4, 1998
750x474 (54862)
Greekel(16/19) Again, realization comes too late. Horror grips the girl as she feels the spell begin the final transformation.
Thumbnail greekel15.jpg August 4, 1998
578x796 (77222)
Greekel(15/19) Girl unwittingly commits the final somatic component of the Greekel spell

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